Data Science Course in Pune

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Data Science is a leading career in this fast-paced world. Data Scientists are in very high demand for their knowledge and skills in AI, statistics and computer engineering. Pune being a hub for technologies has n numbers of training centres for Data Science but one should choose the training centre that prepares them for the industry and has job-oriented courses and also provides online classes for their convenience, finding such courses can be a task. Data Council understands the need of an individual searching for the best course in Pune, we are here to introduce you to our Best online Data Science course in Pune. .
What will you get from this course:
  • Online Data science Training
  • Practical Coding and Implementation
  • Make Yourself Job Ready
  • Certificate and Placement Support
  • Hands-on Training in Live Projects
  • Build Highly Reliable and Functional Applications
  • You will get to learn an object-oriented programming language
  • This courses will help you create standards of enterprise computing

We have upto 5 Modules for our Best Data Science classes in Pune:

Selecting rows/Observations
Rounding Number
Selecting Columns/fields
Merging data
Data aggregation
Data munging techniques

What is Python?
Why Python?
Installing Python
Python IDEs
Jupyter Notebook Overview

Python Basic Data types
IF statements
Selection by position & Labels

Sci-kit Learn
Mat-plot library

Reading CSV files
Saving in Python data
Loading Python data objects
Writing data to CSV file

Selecting rows/observations
Rounding Number
Selecting columns/fields
Merging data
Data aggregation
Data munging techniques

Central Tendency

Requirement :

A computer with either Windows, Mac or Linux to install all the free software and tools needed to build your new apps

Basic Computer Knowledge like OOPS, C and C++ languages

Nothing else! It’s just you, your computer and your hunger to get started today.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

Supervised learning is like having a teacher guide you through homework, providing labeled examples for the algorithm to learn from. Unsupervised learning is more like exploring on your own, finding patterns without explicit guidance.

Data preprocessing is like preparing ingredients before cooking. If you start with fresh, well-cut vegetables, your dish (model) has a better chance of turning out delicious (performing well).

The bias-variance tradeoff is like walking a tightrope. Too much bias, and you fall on one side (oversimplification), too much variance, and you fall on the other (overfitting). Finding the right balance is like maintaining equilibrium on the tightrope of model performance.

Deploying a model is like releasing a new product. You need to consider not only its accuracy (quality) but also factors like scalability (handling demand), interpretability (user understanding), and adaptability (keeping up with changing trends), making it a multidimensional challenge.

Feature engineering is akin to creating a compelling storyline. Just as a well-crafted narrative captivates the audience, carefully designed features can bring out the hidden patterns in data, making the model's performance more engaging and impactful

About Course :

In this fast-paced world being updated to latest technologies is very important for one and one of the most in demand courses is Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. One of the reasons why Data Science is so popular in today’s world is its ability to convert massive data sheets into meaningful insights. Learning Data Science will help you with Fraud Detection, Decision making, Airline route planning, Analytics, Healthcare, Augmented Reality, Data Visualization and many more things.

One of the most well-known Data Science course in Pune is provided by the Data Council. A person should always be upto date with the technologies. Data Council provides you with the Best Data Science training in Pune, with 100% placement guarantee we assure you with a promising successful career as Data Scientist.

Anyone regardless of their education can join Data Council’s Best Online Data Science classes in Pune. We cover all the important aspects of Data Science for you to gain the knowledge and skills required to become a desirable candidate for leading companies.

Data Science
Course Details :
  • Duration : 3 Months