MEAN Training in Pune

MEAN Stack is a Javascript Stack that is used for easier and faster deployment of full-stack web applications. MERN Stack comprises of 4 technologies namely: MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node. js. It is designed to make the development process smoother and easier.
What will you get from this course:
  • Online MEAN Training
  • Practical Coding and Implementation
  • Make Yourself Job Ready
  • Certificate and Placement Support
  • Hands-on Training in Live Projects

Course Content

The Course Overview
Setup and Installation – Node.js
Installing Angular CLI
Installing MongoDB

Frontend and Single-Page Application
Generating an Angular Project
Project Structure Overview
Our First Angular Component
Events and Bindings
Custom Events and Bindings
Two-Way Data Binding

Introduction to NodeJS
Hello NodeJS
Modules and Require
Creating a Module
NPM and External Modules
Synchronous versus Asynchronous
Creating an HTTP server

RESTful Services
Creating a Server
GET Method
POST Method
PUT Method
Cleaning Up

Installing Mongoose
Create a Record
Get a Record
Edit a Record
Delete a Record

Building the Frontend
Building the Backend
Connecting the API

Requirement :

A computer with either Windows, Mac or Linux to install all the free software and tools needed to build your new apps

Nothing else! It’s just you, your computer and your hunger to get started today.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

The MEAN stack comprises MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js, forming a full-stack JavaScript ecosystem. What sets it apart is its end-to-end JavaScript compatibility, offering a seamless development experience. It's like having a single language guide throughout a tech journey, from the database to the user interface, promoting consistency and efficiency.

Angular is the 'A' in MEAN, serving as the frontend framework. Its two-way data binding is like a dynamic conversation between the user and the application. By organizing components and leveraging dependency injection, Angular ensures a structured UI, akin to orchestrating a well-choreographed digital performance that engages users through seamless interactions.

MongoDB's NoSQL nature in the MEAN stack is like having a versatile data artist. It accommodates dynamic schemas, making it well-suited for agile development. It's akin to organizing an ever-evolving art exhibition – each piece (document) can have a unique structure, fostering flexibility in data storage and retrieval, especially in scenarios with evolving data requirements.

Middleware in Express.js is like the backstage crew ensuring a smooth performance in the MEAN stack. It intercepts and processes requests, enabling features like authentication and logging. It's akin to having specialized technicians – each middleware function contributes to the overall flow of the application, enhancing its resilience and performance on the server side.

Node.js is the backend runtime in the MEAN stack, providing an event-driven, non-blocking environment. It's like having a multitasking maestro in the server room – while one task is in progress, Node.js can handle others simultaneously. This asynchronous nature ensures scalability, making it a robust choice for handling concurrent connections and optimizing server-side performance in MEAN applications.

About Course :

Data council provide the first time ever: Offline Classroom Program on Full Stack Development. You will learn to build dynamic, scalable web applications using MongoDB, Express.js, Angulat ts, and Node.js - in offline classes and in an interactive manner. So join the classes today to become a MEAN Stack Developer!

We are the best institute for mern in pune with live projects We are providing online mean stack course as well as offline mean stack course in pune Mean stack internship in pune by Data council at live projects

MEAN Stack refers to an association of JavaScript technologies which is used to develop web applications. MEAN Stack known to be as full-stack development toolkit which is used to develop a fast and web application

Our teachers have greater expertise and are now employed by a multinational corporation. Every topic will be thoroughly taught using real-world project examples. This training programme includes evaluation exams, assignments, and exercises for a great hands-on learning experience.


Course Details :
  • Duration : 3 Months